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Duct Cleaning

Expert ventilation cleaning for safer kitchens in the United Kingdom.

As for ventilation cleaning professionals, Mobile Hygiene Services offers specialised ductwork cleaning and air duct cleaning services to HVCA – TR/19 Standards ensuring compliance with insurance requirements. All work is fully certified. Ideal for both commercial and industrial sites, our ventilation cleaning services ensure fresh airflow while eliminating potentially harmful dirt, debris and grease build-up. Organise your ductwork cleaning services in the United Kingdom with Mobile Hygiene Services today.


Cooking in commercial kitchens results in airborne grease, carbon and steam, which all condense on walls and ventilation. This build up results in reduced airflow, foul odours and fire hazards, meaning most insurance companies require air duct cleaning to be carried out at least every 12 months. At Mobile Hygiene Services, we meticulously clean your ventilation system to maintain a safe and hygienic environment. Protect your kitchen from fire hazards and ensure you meet strict industry standards with our ductwork cleaning expertise.


At Mobile Hygiene Services, our UK professionals provide expert ventilation cleaning and inspection for commercial clients, local authorities and private clients. Our services include:

  • Surveying and confirming the condition of all ventilation facilities
  • Installing access doors where required
  • Undertaking deep cleans from air handing units (AHU) through to extract outlets
  • Certifications upon job completion

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