Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning Services

Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning Services

Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning Services in Scotland and throughout the UK

Mobile Hygiene Services (MHS) offers a specialised pressure washing and steam cleaning service for commercial and industrial companies.

Our pressure washing and steam cleaning services allow us to tackle the removal of moss, algae and weathered debris to any hard surface. Moss, algae, dirt and bird droppings are common issues that roofs face, which can lead to their discolouration and leaves them looking drab.

No matter how well your driveways and pavements are laid or the quality of the materials used, regular cleaning and maintenance is very important to keep them looking their best.

Our cleaning experts offer power cleaning and maintenance services Nationwide. If your yard or floor is looking tired, worn and dirty after a hard winter or a busy summer, contact MHS.

We always aim to carry out cleaning with minimum disruption to you and we offer high-quality work.

Our areas of expertise in pressure and steam cleaning cover a range of applications which can be a fast and cost effective system for cleaning.

We have specifically designed trailer-mounted self-generating units, 3000 p.s.i. hot.

With some adaptation this equipment can be run outside the premises whilst providing a pressure-cleaning service internally.

Many uses for cleaning:

+ Plant
+ Waste disposal areas
+ Yards
+ Floors
+ Roofs & skylights
+ Cladding
+ After-build brick clean
+ Chewing-gum
+ Slabs & paving