High Level Cleaning

Outdoor Cleaning Services

MHS provide Outdoor Cleaning Services in Scotland and throughout the UK

MHS provide outdoor cleaning solutions in Glasgow and throughout Central Scotland. We use Hako Citymaster 1200 machinery for a wide range of outdoor cleaning work including:

+ Gully and Drain Cleaning
+ Environmental Cleaning
+ Street Cleaning and Maintenance
+ Winter Maintenance
+ Clearing the Way

Scotland has some of the most unpredictable winters with wind and rain causing a lot of debris on local roads and walkways, we provide street cleaning and maintenance services to help clear the way. Our machinery is compact but powerful, Using Hako citymaster we help provide road, street and industrial property road cleaning.
Environmentally Friendly


Hako citymaster machinery is equipped with environmentally-friendly industrial engines with integrated soot filters. The filters reduce the noxious substances from the exhaust fumes by up top 95%.

We promise to deliver a friendly, reliable and affordable service giving you the confidence to get the result you want. Let us help you be proud of your outdoor space. Please browse our website for more information about the services we offer.