High Level Factory Cleaning

High Level Factory Cleaning

From small industrial units to large high bay, MHS can provide the factory cleaning services you require for your interior and exterior cleaning as well cleaning factory equipment.

Factories contain expensive machinery, raw materials and stock as well as staff who are working within it. It is essential to ensure the standards of basic cleanliness are met in order to protect your valuable assets and increase productivity levels of your staff. MHS, based in Glasgow, can help.

The cleanliness of your factory premises also has an impact on the image of the business and a high level hygiene should be maintained. We understand that keeping your factory areas clean and safe is one of the highest priorities for your business.

We can offer high level factory cleaning to ensure that standards of hygiene are kept to the highest levels.

The service includes thorough cleaning of all surfaces, walls, floors, machinery as well as hard to reach areas, ventilation and ducts. You can be assured the work is carried out by professionally trained staff with health and safety training.

The benefits of high level factory cleaning:

+ Ensure the safety and well-being of your staff
+ Protect machinery and other valuable assets
+ Maintain a high standard of hygiene throughout your premises
+ Increase productivity by improving working environment