Graffitti Removal

Graffiti Removal

Fast, Efficient and Safe Graffiti Removal

We provide a fast, cost efficient and safe graffiti removal service to businesses, local authorities and private individuals.

Perhaps some forms of graffiti can be considered to be an art form, but when it is used to vandalise your premises or your property it is always destructive. Which can have an adverse effect on your business and organisation and can damage your reputation; additionally it can also force down commercial and private property prices.

Graffiti is easy to apply, but much more difficult to remove. Usually graffiti is applied is applied using aerosol paint sprays, though many other materials are sometimes used. Whatever material is used, the longer it is left untreated the more likely there is to be permanent damage and the more difficult it is to remove. Graffiti can also act like a magnet and attract more graffiti; the faster it is removed the less likely this is to occur.

Inexpert attempts to remove graffiti can degrade and damage the original surfaces to which the graffiti was applied or otherwise leave then looking aesthetically unpleasing. We use only pressurised warm water and non-hazardous specialist graffiti removers that are carefully selected depending on the nature of the surface to be cleansed and the materials used to apply the graffiti. Different chemicals work better on different surfaces and materials; initially we will inspect the surfaces that require cleaning of graffiti in order to determine its extent of damage.

Based on our findings we will determine the optimum non-hazardous graffiti cleaners to use. These will be used in conjunction with our warm water pressure washes by our highly trained technicians to completely clean the surface of graffiti even when it has penetrated deeply into porous surfaces. Delicate surfaces will not be harmed by our special processes and all residues will be removed so that there are no remaining marks or shadows.

Some of the places that our graffiti removal services have been applied include: factories, shops, railway stations, and housing association and private properties. For examples of the some of our outstanding results please look at our Project Gallery.

You, Graffiti and the Law

While there are some differences between Scotland and the rest of the UK regarding the laws concerning graffiti; in all jurisdictions graffiti is considered to be vandalism and carries a number of penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Generally the penalties reflect the degree of vandalism and the cost of cleaning up the graffiti.

If your property has been defaced by graffiti then unfortunately it is you who is responsible for meeting the costs of its removal even though you are a victim of crime. The local authority is responsible for graffiti removal from public buildings and any fixtures that that belong to it, and in certain specified circumstances Antisocial Behaviour Act 2004 empowers local authorities with the right to serve a graffiti removal notice. If you have received a graffiti removal notice then you should ensure that the graffiti is removed within 28 days or you surface may face prosecution.

Our graffiti cleaning and removal services are highly effective and we can provide a rapid turnaround. Check out our project gallery for some examples of our impressive range of before and after images. Please contact us if you require any further information.

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