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Regular deep cleaning of food manufacturing facilities is critical to reduce the risk of pest infestations, unpleasant odours and product contamination. This contamination can be caused through decomposing food matter, and other deposits, building up between the edges of wall junctions, high level areas and inside food production machinery.

If you work in the food preparation industry you will know about the stringent rules and legislation governing the condition a professional kitchen must be kept in.

We have our own specialist teams of food manufacturing cleaning experts, who understand what’s at stake, and have the skills and technology to ensure you keep pace with the public’s demand for ever-higher standards, and the evolving regulatory regime.

Maintaining the best standards in your working kitchen can be difficult, especially when you are trying to run a business. Our cleaning services can help you restore your kitchen to the standards set out by the Health and Safety Act and Food Hygiene Act and help you to keep it that way.



MHS provide a comprehensive deep cleaning service for food manufacturing areas and machinery to ensure facilities are able to meet a number of audit standards. Our solutions ensures all waste food deposits are removed and downtime to your production schedule is reduced to a minimum.

Listed below are specific areas of experience:

+ Deep cleans of entire kitchens or part of.
+ Cold-room cleans, walls, ceilings, evaporators and floors.
+ Production lines. From filling to packaging.
+ Goods areas receive & goods areas dispatch.
+ Pipes & conduit.
+ Internal gullies & drains.
+ Tanks inside & outside.
+ Outside cladding cleans.
+ High level beams & ceilings.

We are available for consultation and advice as to which service would be most appropriate for your needs.