Drain Cleaning and Gully Cleaning

Drain Cleaning and Gully Cleaning throughout the UK

Keeping drains and gullies clear is critical to the safety of roads and highways as well as protecting your property from floods and the damage that an excessive build up of mud, litter and debris can cause.

MHS provide specialist drain and gully cleaning along with pipe unblocking services throughout the UK. We are fully equipped to tackle all types of cleaning and blockages to ensure that we can solve your problem swiftly and professionally. We work with various local authorities to keep their drains and gullies clean and free flowing.

Sometimes there is some confusion regarding the differences between drains and gullies. Essentially a drain is an underground pipe through which flows foul or surface water and which is discharged into a sewer. The responsibility for drains is the owner of the land under which they flow. If it is private land then it is responsibility of the private landowner, and if it is on public property then it is the responsibility of the local authority.

Gullies are generally located in roads and they are provided in order to allow water to drain away from pavements and roads into the sewer. Mostly they are located on roads close to the Kerb and consist of a gully pot above which there is a grating.

Gullies are subject to becoming blocked, generally by leaves, soil and other debris. When they do there is an increased risk of flooding with concomitant threats to domestic and commercial property and to road surfaces. Drains can also become blocked and when they do there is the additional danger of contamination which can pose a threat to public health.

Gully cleaning is carried out using our 1,000 gallon vacuum tanker. We also use it for cleaning interceptors, grease traps, underfloor sewage contamination and septic tanks. We also deploy 4,000 psi Jetting trailer-mounted units.

We use powerful equipment to clear, drain and remove high volumes of waste matter, quickly and safely, even on drains and gullies that have been neglected for years – now’s the time to clear them and keep them clear. If you don’t keep on top of your gully maintenance, you’re at risk of blocked drains and flooding and that’s never good for business.

We will always respond to emergency calls regarding drains and gully that have become blocked and are causing flooding. We also provide regular maintenance services to keep your drains and gullies clean and free flowing.